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 Henderson Innovative Planning (HIP)

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HIP District
In 2012, The Henderson City Commission created a special zoning committee to explore ideas about how to streamline development regulations, promote development, and increase property values in Henderson. During an over 20 month planning process, South Main Street was identified as a corridor that would benefit from new development regulations, to promote and facilitate future development. The committee drafted a new district for South Main Street—The Henderson Innovative Planning District—that promotes an urban, pedestrian- friendly, mixed-use development pattern. The goals of the district are as follows:
  • To promote sustainable urban development, to better the environment and the aesthetic quality of Henderson for the future.
  • To provide infill opportunities for businesses and development.
  • To complete bicycle and pedestrian connections to surrounding sites and neighborhoods.
  • To promote originality, flexibility and innovation in development including the architecture, signage, placement, and redevelopment of existing sites and buildings.
  • To encourage resource and energy efficiency.
  • To enhance property values.
  • To minimize blight, and poorly designed and unattractive development.
    HIP District Ortho Map
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