Gateway District

Henderson - 2nd St.
Beginning of Gateway District

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The Gateway Zone District is intended to provide for the development of a pedestrian- friendly, mixed-use, aesthetically pleasing entry-corridor into downtown Henderson from the proposed    I-69 interchange. This Gateway Zone District is to promote the sense of place, and also provide opportunities to develop projects and properties compatible with a dense urban development pattern. The intent of the Gateway Zone District is as follows:

  1. Encourage and promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Henderson.
  2. Promote sustainable urban development, to better the environment and the aesthetic quality of Henderson for the future.
  3. Provide a walkable mixed-use area that is inviting to, pedestrians, and the travelling public.
  4. Reduce traffic conflict points, to promote safety.
  5. Reduce stormwater runoff and promote green design.
  6. Encourage originality, flexibility and innovation in development along Second Street, including the architecture, signage, and placement of buildings.
  7. Discourage monotonous, unsightly, and discordant development that is not in keeping with the entry-point into downtown Henderson, to provide for a harmonious mix of uses and development standards compatible with an urban corridor.
  8. Minimize blight, and poorly designed and unattractive development.


The proposed boundary for the Gateway Zone District is an area along Second Street from N Ingram St. to the intersection of Second St Railroad Overpass and includes some properties along the following side Streets: First, Third, N Ingram, N Holloway, N Alves, N Alvasia, N Adams, Clark, and Carlisle.



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