Ongoing Projects – 2017



City Zoning Ordinance

Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Due to administrative and enforcement issues, staff plans to examine alternatives to the Planned Unit Development zoning classification. At a minimum, the parking section of the PUD district needs to be addressed. It only requires parking in the rear, and was written for high density urban-style development 


Currently, no table or guide for parking aisle or angled parking street widths exists.  In addition, minimum parking requirements and parking exemptions need to be reviewed.

County Zoning Ordinance

Surface Mining

The Surface Mining ordinance needs to be updated to reflect the State’s changes. County Attorney, Steve Gold is aware of this, and will address this issue with the PC. The main issue is whether the Surface Mining district can remain with some changes, or if the entire district must be removed. If the entire district must be removed, consideration should be given to regulating mining through conditional uses in AG.

Zoning Ordinance

Consideration should be given to updating the entire County Zoning ordinance.  Planning Commission staff will continue to work with the Fiscal Court members, County Codes Administrator, and the County Engineer to facilitate this endeavor.

Corydon Zoning Ordinance

The City of Corydon’s zoning ordinance will need to be revised eventually as well. Currently, many of the districts have minimum lot sizes that are too big for most of the existing lots.  The best approach might be to update the lot size standards instead of rewriting the entire ordinance.

Filing & Archiving

Staff will research methods to digitally archive paper files.  The goal is to provide a backup source while improving efficiency.  Staff will explore methods currently being used by County and City departments in addition to third-party resources.

Digital Submittals

Staff will research systems that will allow developers and surveyors to submit plans digitally while also providing a review workflow. Generally this would involve purchasing a software system so all utilities etc. could review the plans, and could share their comments with everyone else electronically.