GIS Ongoing Projects- 2017

Software and Hardware Upgrades   – ESRI, Inc., our GIS software vendor, continues to be on an aggressive update and release schedule.  A few departments are leveraging mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, in the field.   We will continue to evaluate and implement any offerings that fit our organizational goals.  We are also examining the feasibility of Open Source Software.

GIS Web and Mobile Technologies -ESRI mobile and web technologies continue to mature.  ArcGIS Online has become a very robust web application. Using tools like Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, we will continue to improve our web applications and promote the use of these technologies by showcasing real world examples that extend the reach of GIS and improve productivity.

911 Dispatch and other Departmental Integrations – The current GIS infrastructure is a key component to the new 911 GIS-centric system.  GIS staff will be heavily involved in its implementation.  In addition, City Codes and other City departments are expected to adopt City Works which will require GIS staff participation and coordination.

Digital Imagery and Elevation Data – The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Systems (UAV or UAS), or “drones”, became extremely popular in 2015.  We successfully used this service in 2014 while a lot of legal and technical details were still being addressed.  The product and services have improved due to increased competition and FAA clarification.  We will continue to explore cost-effective means of updating our imagery in 2016.

Right-of-Way Layer- GIS staff will continue using existing and captured GPS data, in addition to digital submittals by surveyors, to correct parcel lines, so that polygons representing existing Right-of-Ways can be calculated.

Easement Layer- GIS staff will use existing and captured G.P.S. data, in addition to digital submittals by surveyors, to create polygons representing various easements.

DFIRM Update/Physical Map Revision (PMR) – GIS staff will work with the FEMA selected contractor to update DFIRMs to reflect changes introduced by the PMR in relation to the Canoe Creek project.

Kyndle- GIS Staff will continue assisting Kyndle staff in recruiting new industries by providing pertinent maps and spatial data.