What is the driving simulator?

Our driving simulator includes state-of-the-art software and uses exercises in a virtual environment to make individuals better drivers. Using the simulator, they can learn from their mistakes, realize their dangerous driving habits and even have horrific accidents all in a virtual, simulated environment.

With our simulator software, an individual can drive a wide range of vehicles (i.e. compact car, midsize sedan, SUV, delivery truck, etc.) in a variety of environments (i.e. rainy, foggy, night, day, dusk). Additionally, the software can be customized for crash avoidance, risky situations, scored driving, and the basics of driving. To point out the dangers of texting and driving, one or more individuals will get a chance to get in the simulator and attempt to text and drive.

We can combine the technology of our simulator with impaired goggles (i.e. beer goggles or drug goggles) to show the effects certain levels of impairment would have on an individual’s driving ability.

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