Restitution & Crime Victims Compensation

Restitution is any form of compensation (payment) made by an offender to a victim for expenses suffered by a victim because of the offender's wrongful act. For example, restitution may be requested for stolen or damaged property.

To discuss restitution about a case in which you are a victim, please contact our Victims' Advocate at 270-631-7242, ext. 1207, or by email at 

Victims' restitution checklist

Helpful tips for successful collection and enforcement of your restitution (from the KY OAG's brochure):
  • Upon charges being filed, you may contact the prosecutor and/or the victim advocate in your case. In most cases, the Victims' Advocate will make efforts to contact you.
  • Provide your current contact information to the prosecutor’s office and victim advocate as well as the court clerk and update this information when necessary.
  • Gather any necessary paperwork that is needed to prove your claim to restitution. This may include but not be limited to: 1.  Estimates for replacement costs; 2. Estimates for repairs; 3. Receipts for expenses
  • Stay in contact with the victim advocate as to court dates, plea offers, etc. that may affect your case as well as your restitution. You may also wish to sign up for VINE Courts which will notify you of any court dates in your case.
  • Be aware of the defendant’s responsibility to pay restitution, as well as other factors including payment amounts and pay schedules and timelines.
  • If you have any questions or need clarification about restitution, contact your victim advocate or prosecutor.
  • If you are awarded restitution and are not receiving the payment, contact the court (through the court clerk’s office), the prosecutor or victim advocate with this information.

Crime Victims Compensation

The Crime Victims Compensation Fund provides compensation for victims of violent crime who have no other resources to pay for expenses directly related to the crime. Such expenses may include, medical, funeral, dental, mental health counseling, corrective lenses, loss of income, and loss of support of a dependent of a victim.

Click on this link for more information on how to file a claim with the Crime Victims Compensation Fund Program, including a claim form and instructions.