The (Step-by-Step) Process

Victims and Offenders are referred to the VOC Program.

Referral Sources

  • Center for Youth Justice and Services (housed at the Henderson County High School)
  • County Attorney
  • Court Designated Workers
  • District Court Judge
  • Family Court Judge

Victim Offender Conference Program

  1. Case is reviewed by the Victim Offender Conference Coordinator.
    A Participation Pamphlet is provided to both the victim and the offender and any parent/guardians.
  2. Initial meeting is held with the offender(s) and victim(s) separately.
    Participation and Confidentiality Agreements is signed.
  3. When / if it is determined to be appropriate, a Victim Offender Conference (VOC) occurs.
    These meetings take place in a room that is deemed appropriate such as a conference room within the Court House.

After Completion

  1. Confirmation that the VOC was successfully completed is sent to the referral sources.
    *If the conference is not completed the referral source is advised.*
  2. If the Restitution Agreement was not determined by the referral, the VOC Coordinator will assist participants in the development of an agreement. In this case, the VOC Coordinator will monitor the successful completion of that agreement.
  3. Participant Satisfaction Surveys will be sent out through mail or phone.